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One mom's desperate act to reach safety

CNN Top Stories - 1 hour 37 min ago
Rosalin Guillermo climbed through a hole in the fence of the bridge and took hold of the ladder.
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Witness: Plane rant was a surreal situation

CNN Top Stories - 1 hour 43 min ago
A passenger on a Ryanair flight berated another passenger for speaking to him in a foreign language, but he wasn't removed from the plane.
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Saudi royals offer condolences to family of slain journalist

CNN Top Stories - 1 hour 44 min ago
Saudi Arabia's King and its de facto leader have called the son of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi to express their condolences, Saudi state media has reported.
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Japan's 38-guest luxury floating hotel

CNN Top Stories - 1 hour 45 min ago
This hotel has only 19 rooms, but the sea view is guaranteed from all of them: Guntu is a luxury cruise ship sailing through the Seto Inland Sea in the Setouchi region of Japan, about 100 miles west of Osaka.
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Opinion: Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist, not a jihadist

CNN Top Stories - 1 hour 52 min ago
Corey A. Stewart, the Republican nominee for the Senate seat in Virginia, appeared on CNN Friday and told Anderson Cooper that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul three weeks ago, was "a mystery guy. He's a mystery figure. There are a lot of things that say he was a bad guy ... there's a lot of reports out there that he was connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, reports that he was connected to Osama bin Laden."
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Ready to win the lotteries?

CNN Top Stories - 1 hour 52 min ago
So you're ready to win the Powerball and Mega Millions?
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Footage shows operative in Washington Post journalist's clothes walking around Istanbul after he was killed

CNN Top Stories - 2 hours 2 min ago
One member of the 15-man team suspected in the death of Jamal Khashoggi dressed up in his clothes and was captured on surveillance cameras around Istanbul on the day the journalist was killed, a senior Turkish official has told CNN.
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Saudi Arabia tries to salvage investment conference

CNN Top Stories - 2 hours 11 min ago
Saudi Arabia's investment conference this week was until recently the hottest ticket in business and finance.
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China's stock market rallies

CNN Top Stories - 2 hours 44 min ago
China's beaten-down stock market had its best day in more than two and and a half years on Monday.
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Gorbachev slams Trump plan to leave treaty

CNN Top Stories - 2 hours 49 min ago
Former leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev has criticized President Donald Trump's plan to pull the United States from a Cold War-era nuclear arms treaty as "unacceptable" and "irresponsible," Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti reported.
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Fiat Chrysler is selling its auto parts business

CNN Top Stories - 2 hours 59 min ago
Fiat Chrysler's new CEO has struck a deal to sell the company's auto parts business for more than $7 billion.
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Former 'Seinfeld' star wins humor award

CNN Top Stories - 4 hours 30 min ago
Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, where she said finding funny moments helped her through her recent battle with breast cancer.
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Video shows officer hitting 14-year-old

CNN Top Stories - 5 hours 16 min ago
A viral video of a police officer hitting a 14-year-old girl during an arrest has caused outrage in a Florida community.
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NYPD recalls body cam devices

CNN Top Stories - 6 hours 25 min ago
The New York Police Department has suspended the use of almost 3,000 body cameras after one of the devices exploded over the weekend, the department said.
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'Headless chicken monster' filmed in Southern Ocean

CNN Top Stories - 6 hours 30 min ago
Australian researchers have developed new technology enabling them for the first time to film a deep-sea swimming sea cucumber, also known as a "headless chicken monster," in Southern Ocean waters off East Antarctica.
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Man launches into racist rant on plane

CNN Top Stories - 6 hours 41 min ago
A European airline is being criticized after a passenger made racist remarks about another passenger that were caught on video.
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The Point: Trump gets sweet revenge on Ted Cruz today in Texas

CNN Politics - 7 hours 24 min ago
On Monday night in Houston, Donald Trump will dunk on Ted Cruz one last time.
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