Computer Repair

Complete Computer Repair & Service

Est. Time
Current Pricing
Diagnostic Fee - Diagnose and Propose Possible Solutions
1 hour $39.00
Install Hardware - Install Hard Drive, CD/DVD drive, Video Card, etc. along with necessary software.
1 hour $49.00
Virus/Spyware Removal - Remove viruses and spyware. Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software. Run Windows Updates. (Additional fees for software may apply.)
2 hours $49.00
Software Install - Install software and run updates.
30 min $39.00
Install OS - Install Operation System, Drivers, System Updates.
2 hours $79.00
Install RAM
30 min $39.00
In Shop Rate - Any labor that does not fit into another service category.
On Site Rate - Any services performed while on customer premise. (Trip Charge may apply.)
Install MotherBoard - Install Motherboard along with any additional drivers. Reload OS if necessary.
3 hours $99.00
Hard Drive Image - Create exact image of hard drive for backup purposes; restoration to new drive included.
1 hour $59.00
Data Transfer - Copy specific folder back to computer after reloading OS.
30 min $49.00
Data Recovery - Recover deleted files 3 Hours $150.00