May Chatter 2018

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Who is the 2018 KanOkla Community Service Award Recipient?

Easter Fun!

Lifeline information

Calendar of Events

Thank you to Scott and Mark



March Chatter 2018

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• Deadlines Closing in...
• Who is celebrating 15 years?
• A New Era Approaching
• When is the Annual Meeting?
• Calendar of Events

February Chatter 2018

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• Who’s celebrating 15 years?
• Welcome Shidler area customers
• Community Service Award Information
• Scholarship/Youth Tour Information
• Calendar of Events
• IT Services Available

January Chatter 2018

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Timberlake Pride
Four Students Cash In On Their Talent
Who is celebrating 15 years?
Youth Tour Information
Scholarship Information
Calendar of Events
Community Service Award Information

December Chatter 2017

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Goltry Fire Busy During October
KanOkla Networks Christmas Open House
Caldwell - South Haven Tailgate Was a Win!
Meet the Goeckel Family - Rural By Choice
Calendar of Events

November Chatter 2017

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Who hasn't cashed their check?
Mark your calendar for KanOkla's Christmas Open House
2017 Safety Day
Calendar of Events