Redline is an emergency notification system with monthly monitoring.

The System Consists of:

1. Base Unit - the base unit has a large emergency button, two way voice, and plugs into the phone line. 

2. Emergency Fob - this fob can be worn on a necklace, on the wrist, or on the belt.  It allows the person wearing it to roam freely with the comfort that help is a push of the button away.

3. Back Up Battery - allows the system to work when no electricity is present.

4. Monthly Monitoring - 24/7 help center, when the panic button or emergency button is pressed.



  • Two way voice console
  • Gives the user more time to live in their home before needing the services of assisted living or a nursing home
  • Children who buy this for their parents are given a sense of relief knowing their parents can easily call for help
  • Notification sent to call list when alarm is activated
  • Authorities are sent for a faster response
  • Comfort to users knowing help is just a push of the button
  • Water resistant button, many falls take place in the shower or bath and people can't reach a phone or call for help
  • Panic button, can be used is an intruder breaks in and the home doesn't have a security system.
  • Medicare/Medicaid may help with cost of system


Monthly Service: $19.95/month Includes base unit, back up battery, fob & monitoring

Extra Fobs: $3.00/each/month

Inactivity Sensor: $3.00/each/month

Redline Installation: $99.95 one time cost

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