Caldwell - South Haven Tailgate Was a Win!

KanOkla’s Tailgate 2017 was a slam dunk...wait wrong sport... a homerun...come on try was a Super Bowl touchdown! The KanOkla grillers, Jake Smock, Mark Cope, Paul Shore, and Trent Stevenson, flipped and cooked 528 hamburgers to perfection. The grillers handed off the ham burgers to a competitive assembly line of Barb Schlottog, Brandi Williamson, Debbie Koch, and Kim Reilly who added the cheese and gave the buns a slap into a foil wrap. Jill Kuehny and Pam Schneider tossed the hamburgers to the tailgate line in the end zone for completion of the play, TOUCHDOWN!

Eric Eaton spoke with KNID Radio Station who was there to do a play by play broadcast of the Caldwell /South Haven football game...not the tailgate! We had a South Haven and a Caldwell winner of a $25 gift card
and stadium was too hectic and we apologize we didn’t get the names. Thank you all who came out to share your time with us before the game...hope to see you all next year!

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