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What is SEO?
SEO is constantly evolving, which means you need to be to. It includes listing with google/bing and finding correct wording (keywords, meta data) for search bots, relevant backlinks, and more. Other things we do to help promote your site are advertising management and Social Media Marketing as well as e-mail marketing/eNewsletters
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FAQs for SEO

How do I get on page ONE of Google?
There is no magical formula to increase your ranking to the first page. But, you can keep in mind that Google heavily favors websites with quality content directed to relevant keywords. If you just repeat your keywords over and over within your content though, it WILL hurt your rankings.

My rankings dropped all the sudden. What gives?
Rankings constantly change no matter what you do. But, if you have seen a large drop quickly, it could be from several things, including: more competition for your search terms, Google penalties, poor mobile experience, bad backlinks, or outdates/spam content.

I'm ranked well, but I'm not getting business, what gives?
There is a good chance that is because of your site itself. Is your navigation optimized for your visitors or for YOU? (There is a difference). If your potential customers can't easily figure out where to go next they are probably just going to leave.

I added lots of external links to my site, but my ranking is still not good - WHY?
Google is going to not only look at the number of backlinks, but also take into account the quality of them. Make sure your backlinks are to well known dependable websites in your industry.

How do I reach out to my local audience with my site?
Make sure you set up a Google My Busines account and claim your business' listing. You also will want to ad your presence on local listing websites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. For any geographic searches in your area, you will then show up to potential customers.

How quick does SEO work?
It can take months to years depending on why your rankings are low. A Google penalty, cleaning up you content and your backlinks will get you on the road to recovery.