Four Students Cash In On Their Talent!

KanOkla Networks had four students from our area place in the 14th Annual National Telcom Fire Safety Art Contest. The theme to promote fire safety this year was, “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!”. The theme was to reinforce why everyone needs to have an escape plan as seconds can mean a difference between escaping safely from a fire, or tragedy. KanOkla is a client/member of the Telcom Insurance Group. KanOkla appreciates their involvement in promoting safety to our area students through their art contest.

Ella Risley, a fourth grader at Caldwell Schools, will be shopping with $50 from her third place winnings in the 8-10 year old division. She is the daughter of Cliff and Casie Risley.

Macey Pond, an eighth grader at South Haven Schools, should be able to finish her Christmas shopping list as she won $100 with her first place entry in the 11-14 year old group. Macey is the daughter of Sarah and Justin Pond.

Alyssa Bridges is the daughter of Mike Bridges, and an eighth grader at South Haven Schools. She pocketed $75 with her second place creativity in the 11-14 year old division.

Adrianna Hoplin took home a third place finish, along with $50, also in the 11-14 year old category. She is also an eighth grader at South Haven Schools and the daughter of Melony Hoplin.

Check out their entries on Telcom’s website - Congratulations to these four young ladies for placing in the art contest!

By Kim Reilly, Public Affairs Coordinator

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