March Vendor Spotlight

Sarah Jane’s Green Tomato Salsa

Sarah Jane’s story begins when she was laid off in 2009 with one small child and another on the way. She searched multiple work options only to realize her weekly paycheck would be paying for daycare and not much else. Sarah decided to take charge of her own destiny by raising her children while continuing to contribute to the household income by planting a garden to reduce the grocery bill. Her desire to stay home and raise her children was the foundation that launched gardening, canning, and sharing her food creations with everyone. She canned her vegetables to fill the pantry for winter. Many times she would have a surplus and share with others. They wanted to pay her for her jars of goodness, so the venture of Sarah Jane’s was born!

In the beginning Sarah grew all her produce in her backyard but eventually it became an unreasonable task. Her solution was to source the homegrown product from local growers from the farmer’s market she attended. She has expanded her local produce from growers in Conway Springs, Cheney, and Argonia, Kansas. All her products are created in a FDA registered, licensed and inspected kitchen with pride in every jar as if it was going on her own shelves.

When you take that first bite of our gourmet creation you can enjoy it with confidence knowing it is locally sourced and created with integrity. You are not only supporting local growers but also a Kansas girl with inspirations of family, great food and living life without regrets.

You can purchase her products at the KanOkla Store, located at 21 N. Main, Caldwell, KS or check out her website at

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