A lot of changes are taking place at KanOkla right now, out with the old and in with the new! These changes are taking place company wide, and are far reaching as KanOkla continues to grow.

We have purchased Shidler Telephone company which is based in Osage County Oklahoma, in the small town of Shidler. This has been quite a learning experience for all involved, from the KanOkla accountants to the people which we acquired with the company. We picked up two techs, a customer service rep/billing clerk and a grounds keeper, along with 500 plus subscribers and miles of solid rock. This rock is a big change for us, in our original KanOkla territories
we have a small amount of rock to deal with but for the most part we can get through it with our equipment, down in Osage County, it is mostly solid rock. This makes construction 100 percent tougher and we have had to acquire specialized rock equipment to be able to start our build out of this new territory. It is always nice to learn new things and there is not going to be any shortage of this in the near future. We are planning new access equipment in the Shidler
exchanges and also in our existing network along with a new switching platform and all sorts of other new and exciting adventures to keep us busy and our minds in top shape.

There will be quite a turnover of personnel starting in the very near future, several members of the Board of Directors have reached their term limits, our CEO and his assistant will soon be retiring along with one of the customer service representatives up front . Carolyn Ginn has already retired from our department, and will be greatly missed, I am sure that a lot of you have been helped by Carolyn over the years if you ever had to call in a case of trouble or needed something changed on your account. Marcy and Barbie are doing a great job of covering the huge gap that Carolyn has left in this department. We also have very capable people able to step up and cover our baby boomer attrition losses in the years to come. KanOkla is poised to face the trials of the future with the same great service that we have provided since 1953.
Ed Bernard, Plant Manager

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