Osage County DSL

Plans & Prices (for both residential & business)


384k down /
128k Up


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960k down /
256k Up


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1.5Mb Down /
384k Up


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3Mb Down /
584k Up


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6Mb Down /
1Mb Up


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*All speeds are "up to".

Check Your Speed HERE.

To find out what speed you need for different services, check the list below:

Netflix • Hulu • Amazon Prime Video • Apple TV

And remember, the recommended speeds are PER CONNECTED DEVICE unless otherwise stated.

Example of uses:

5Mb down / 1Mb Up - view streaming services such as YouTube, video chat, upload files to a cloud service, multiple devices with less lag time.
10Mb down / 1Mb Up -
HD video content, full length movies (Netflix), heavy users, gaming, multiple devices.
15Mb down / 3Mb Up -
HD video content, full length movies, heavy users, gaming, multiple devices, work from home.
25Mb down / 3Mb Up -
ideal for work from home offices, multiple video streams, multiple gamers.
50Mb down / 5Mb Up -
online conferencing, multiple HD movies similtaneously, large file downloads.
100Mb down / 10Mb Up -
online conferencing, multiple HD movies similtaneously, large file downloads, heavy gaming, multiple devices, and large file uploads.

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