KanOkla is your Internet Provider, serving rural Kansas and Oklahoma.

    We are a local, homegrown, company
                                         with a regional reach.

    As a promoter of small business, we do not differentiate on price for home or business.

    • Unlimited Data – use as much as you need or want!
    • Local Installers – we know, work, and live in your neighborhood and are intent on getting you connected quickly.
    • Tech Help Made Easy - our dedicated IT staff and retail store can get the latest equipment and maintain it for you "behind the scenes" for easy peace of mind.

    Choose Your Town

    Here is our coverage map to help you decide if you are in one of our many service areas:

    Wireless News

    Nothing hidden. No surprises.

    Available plans in your area can vary.

    All plans have a $150 Installation fee due at the time of install and a 12 month commitment.

    We will not double your bill in 12 months or 24 months. We don't punish loyalty.
    Early termination fee does apply.

    Pick Your Wireless Speed

    Wireless 5
    5Mb down / 1Mb Up


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    Wireless 15
    15Mb Down / 3Mb Up


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    Wireless 25
    25Mb Down / 5Mb Up


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    Wireless 40
    40Mb Down / 10Mb Up


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    Fiber to the Home = Super Fast Speeds.

    Living within the original KanOkla footprint has some major advantages, such as super fast speeds delivered straight to your home or office. In 2010, KanOkla started the major project of burying fiber to each home in our telephone area. This project took several years to complete so we could offer the speeds needed for you to connect to the world.


    Additional Upload Speed Plans

    10Mb Up $10/month (for 25Mb)
    25Mb Up $15/month (for 100Mb)

    Upload speed's monthly fee is in addition to the monthly Internet price plan fee.

    Pick Your Fiber Speed

    Fiber 25
    25Mb Down/25Mb Up


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    Fiber 100
    100Mb Down/100Mb Up


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    Fiber 250
    250Mb Down/250Mb Up


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    Fiber 500
    500Mb Down/500Mb Up


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    Fiber 1Gig
    1Gb Down/1Gb Up


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    DSL = digital subscriber line.

    DSL is copper connection that uses the same wires as a regular telephone line. And, the good news is, you can use the internet AND make phone calls at the same time right over the wiring you already have in your home.

    Pick Your DSL Speed

    DSL 960
    960k down/256k Up


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    DSL 1.5
    1.5Mb Down/384k Up


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    DSL 3
    3Mb Down/584k Up


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    DSL 6
    6Mb Down/1Mb Up


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